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Fund NameMorningstar
Affin Hwang Aiiman Select IncomeBlended - Conservative1.430.5095 MYR
Affin Hwang Select IncomeBlended - Conservative1.610.7226 MYR
Affin Hwang Smart Invest Port - Inc ABlended - Conservative--0.4976 MYR
Affin Hwang Smart Invest Port - Inc BBlended - Conservative---
AmConservativeBlended - Conservative1.870.6148 MYR
BOSWM Core Defensive MYR HdgBlended - Conservative--1.0000 MYR
BOSWM Core Defensive USDBlended - Conservative--1.0000 USD
Eastspring Inv Dana al-IslahBlended - Conservative1.670.7765 MYR
Hong Leong Regular IncomeBlended - Conservative1.170.4662 MYR
Kenanga Asia Pacific IncomeBlended - Conservative-0.5124 MYR
Maybank Flexi Income A USDBlended - Conservative--1.0175 USD
Maybank Flexi Income B MYRBlended - Conservative--1.0283 MYR
Maybank Flexi Income C MYR HdgBlended - Conservative--1.0179 MYR
Maybank Flexi Income D SGD HdgBlended - Conservative--1.0121 SGD
Maybank Flexi Income E AUD HdgBlended - Conservative--1.0168 AUD
Pacific Select IncomeBlended - Conservative3.220.4963 MYR
PB Mixed Asset ConservativeBlended - Conservative1.180.2864 MYR
Pheim IncomeBlended - Conservative1.641.0192 MYR
Principal Global Multi Asset IncBlended - Conservative0.630.9393 MYR
Principal Global Multi Asset Income 2Blended - Conservative0.690.8904 USD
Principal Global Multi Asset Income AUDHBlended - Conservative--0.9396 AUD
Principal Global Multi Asset Income GBPHBlended - Conservative--0.9280 GBP
Principal Global Multi Asset Income MYRHBlended - Conservative--0.9422 MYR
Principal Global Multi Asset Income SGDHBlended - Conservative--0.9325 SGD
Principal Global Multi Asset Income USDBlended - Conservative--0.9427 USD
Principal Heritage Income MYR HdgBlended - Conservative--1.0074 MYR
Principal Heritage Income SGDBlended - Conservative--1.0114 SGD
Principal Islamic Cnsrv Wholesale FoFBlended - Conservative-3.351.0849 MYR
Principal Islamic Lifetime Enh SukukBlended - Conservative1.211.0620 MYR
Principal World Selection Cnsrv AUD HdgBlended - Conservative--1.0019 AUD
Total Results:
* Data as of 2020-08-31