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Fund NameMorningstar
ASEAN 5 ESG Opportunity MYREquity - ASEAN--0.9889 MYR
ASEAN Corporate GovernanceEquity - ASEAN-2.3626 MYR
ASEAN EquityEquity - ASEAN1.621.0556 MYR
Hong Leong SEA-5 EquityEquity - ASEAN-0.5939 MYR
Kenanga ASEAN Tactical Total ReturnEquity - ASEAN2.291.1877 MYR
Manulife ASEAN Equity MYR Hdg AccEquity - ASEAN--0.8644 MYR
Manulife ASEAN Equity USD AccEquity - ASEAN--0.8696 USD
PB ASEAN DividendEquity - ASEAN1.670.2399 MYR
PB ASEAN Dividend SequelEquity - ASEAN1.680.2128 MYR
PMB Shariah ASEAN Stars Equity MYR AccEquity - ASEAN-2.620.4626 MYR
PMB Shariah ASEAN Stars Equity USD AccEquity - ASEAN--0.6921 USD
Principal ASEAN Dynamic MYREquity - ASEAN1.800.6764 MYR
Principal ASEAN Dynamic SGDEquity - ASEAN-1.3985 SGD
Principal ASEAN Dynamic USDEquity - ASEAN1.800.6014 USD
Principal Islamic ASEAN Equity MYREquity - ASEAN--0.2464 MYR
Principal Islamic ASEAN Equity SGDEquity - ASEAN--0.2412 SGD
Principal Islamic ASEAN Equity USDEquity - ASEAN--0.2423 USD
Public Asean GrowthEquity - ASEAN-1.800.2246 MYR
Public Islamic ASEAN GrowthEquity - ASEAN--0.2866 MYR
Public South-East Asia SelectEquity - ASEAN1.720.2311 MYR
RHB ASEANEquity - ASEAN2.160.3741 MYR
RHB Islamic Asean Megatrend A USDEquity - ASEAN--0.8031 USD
RHB Islamic Asean Megatrend A1 USDEquity - ASEAN-0.8222 USD
RHB Islamic Asean Megatrend B USDEquity - ASEAN-0.7515 USD
RHB Islamic Asean Megatrend MYREquity - ASEAN-0.7802 MYR
TA South East Asia EquityEquity - ASEAN1.750.2901 MYR
United ASEAN Discovery FundEquity - ASEAN2.030.3960 MYR
Total Results:
* Data as of 2019-11-30