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Fund NameMorningstar
BIMB-Arabesque AP Shariah-ESG Eq MYREquity - Asia Pacific--0.2231 MYR
BIMB-Arabesque AP Shariah-ESG Eq USDEquity - Asia Pacific--0.2054 USD
Interpac Social Enterprise & RspnbltyEquity - Asia Pacific-0.8761 MYR
KAF JadeEquity - Asia Pacific3.65130.4365 MYR
MAMG Asia Rising Stars AUDEquity - Asia Pacific--0.8852 AUD
MAMG Asia Rising Stars EUREquity - Asia Pacific--0.8803 EUR
MAMG Asia Rising Stars MYREquity - Asia Pacific--0.8652 MYR
MAMG Asia Rising Stars SGDEquity - Asia Pacific--0.8577 SGD
MAMG Asia Rising Stars USDEquity - Asia Pacific--0.8552 USD
PB Asia EquityEquity - Asia Pacific1.720.2938 MYR
PB Asia-30 EquityEquity - Asia Pacific--0.2722 MYR
Public Asia IttikalEquity - Asia Pacific1.770.3889 MYR
Public Far-East Alpha-30Equity - Asia Pacific1.730.4517 MYR
RHB Asia PacificEquity - Asia Pacific2.560.3546 MYR
RHB Dana HikmahEquity - Asia Pacific--0.4630 MYR
RHB EntrepreneurEquity - Asia Pacific2.020.5541 MYR
TA Asia Absolute Alpha AUD HdgEquity - Asia Pacific--0.4964 AUD
TA Asia Absolute Alpha GBP HdgEquity - Asia Pacific--0.5018 GBP
TA Asia Absolute Alpha MYREquity - Asia Pacific--0.4998 MYR
TA Asia Absolute Alpha MYR HdgEquity - Asia Pacific--0.4998 MYR
TA Asia Absolute Alpha RMB HdgEquity - Asia Pacific--0.5000 CNH
TA Asia Absolute Alpha SGD HdgEquity - Asia Pacific--0.5005 SGD
TA Asia Absolute Alpha USDEquity - Asia Pacific--0.4996 USD
United Trigger EquityEquity - Asia Pacific--1.1243 MYR
Total Results:
* Data as of 2020-05-31