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Fund NameMorningstar
Affin Hwang Wld Ser China A Opp AUD HEquity - Greater China-2.730.7103 AUD
Affin Hwang Wld Ser China A Opp MYREquity - Greater China-2.730.7436 MYR
Affin Hwang Wld Ser China A Opp MYR HEquity - Greater China-2.730.7358 MYR
Affin Hwang Wld Ser China A Opp SGD HEquity - Greater China-2.730.7123 SGD
Affin Hwang Wld Ser China A Opp USDEquity - Greater China-2.730.7328 USD
Affin Hwang Wld Ser China GrowthEquity - Greater China1.861.0143 MYR
Affin Hwang Wld Ser China Growth MYR HEquity - Greater China1.860.6008 MYR
Affin Hwang Wld Ser China Growth USDEquity - Greater China1.860.6009 USD
AmChina A-SharesEquity - Greater China0.214.2085 MYR
AmChina A-Shares MYR HdgEquity - Greater China-0.211.6164 MYR
Eastspring Inv Dinasti EquityEquity - Greater China1.890.6906 MYR
Hong Leong HK Equity OptimizerEquity - Greater China2.140.3231 MYR
Manulife China EquityEquity - Greater China0.441.0319 MYR
Manulife Investment Greater ChinaEquity - Greater China1.940.5422 MYR
Pacific Focus ChinaEquity - Greater China1.960.3597 MYR
PB China Pacific EquityEquity - Greater China1.700.4120 MYR
PB Greater China A-SharesEquity - Greater China--0.2902 MYR
Principal China Direct Opportunities USDEquity - Greater China-2.430.9679 USD
Principal China Direct Opps MYREquity - Greater China-2.431.0346 MYR
Principal China Direct Opps SGDEquity - Greater China-2.431.0137 SGD
Principal Greater Bay AUD HdgEquity - Greater China--1.0454 AUD
Principal Greater Bay MYR HdgEquity - Greater China--1.0625 MYR
Principal Greater Bay SGD HdgEquity - Greater China--1.0507 SGD
Principal Greater Bay USDEquity - Greater China--1.1032 USD
Principal Greater China Equity AUD HEquity - Greater China--1.2416 AUD
Principal Greater China Equity MYREquity - Greater China1.881.1310 MYR
Principal Greater China Equity MYR HEquity - Greater China--1.2524 MYR
Principal Greater China Equity RMB HEquity - Greater China--1.2477 CNH
Principal Greater China Equity SGD HEquity - Greater China--1.2451 SGD
Principal Greater China Equity USDEquity - Greater China--1.2436 USD
Total Results:
* Data as of 2020-08-31