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Fund NameMorningstar
Affin Hwang Constant Cash MYRMoney Market - Malaysia0.271.0000 MYR
Affin Hwang Enhanced DepositMoney Market - Malaysia0.321.1709 MYR
Affin Hwang Select CashMoney Market - Malaysia0.531.0529 MYR
Affin Hwang USD CashMoney Market - Malaysia0.351.0219 USD
Affin Hwang Wholesale IMoney Market - Malaysia0.320.3743 MYR
Affin Hwang Wld Ser US Dollar LiquidityMoney Market - Malaysia--0.9998 USD
AmCash ManagementMoney Market - Malaysia1.111.0000 MYR
AmIncomeMoney Market - Malaysia0.781.0000 MYR
AmIncome AdvantageMoney Market - Malaysia1.031.0164 MYR
Areca MoneyTRUSTMoney Market - Malaysia0.970.5004 MYR
Eastspring Inv Cash ManagementMoney Market - Malaysia0.420.5392 MYR
Eastspring Inv Institutional IncomeMoney Market - Malaysia0.651.0269 MYR
Hong Leong Income ManagementMoney Market - Malaysia--0.5000 MYR
Hong Leong Income Management IIIMoney Market - Malaysia--1.0000 MYR
Hong Leong Money MarketMoney Market - Malaysia0.221.0002 MYR
InterPac CashMoney Market - Malaysia0.210.5007 MYR
KAF CashMoney Market - Malaysia--1.0070 MYR
KAF Money MarketMoney Market - Malaysia0.51149.1904 MYR
Kenanga CashMoney Market - Malaysia0.271.0098 MYR
Kenanga Cash PlusMoney Market - Malaysia0.851.0009 MYR
Kenanga Liquidity FundMoney Market - Malaysia0.170.5386 MYR
Kenanga Money MarketMoney Market - Malaysia0.610.5495 MYR
Kenanga MoneyExtra FundMoney Market - Malaysia0.570.5704 MYR
Kenanga Principal Protected IncomeMoney Market - Malaysia0.551.0000 MYR
Kenanga Principal Protected Income IIMoney Market - Malaysia0.321.0000 MYR
Manulife Cash ManagementMoney Market - Malaysia0.341.0153 MYR
Manulife Investment Money MarketMoney Market - Malaysia0.591.0269 MYR
Maybank Enhanced Cash XIIMoney Market - Malaysia2.050.9986 MYR
Maybank Enhanced Cash XIIIMoney Market - Malaysia0.281.0023 MYR
Maybank Money Market AMoney Market - Malaysia-0.681.0012 MYR
Total Results:
* Data as of 2020-07-31