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Sustainable Investment Funds

Morningstar defines a strategy as a “Sustainable Investment” if it is described as focusing on sustainability, impact, or environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in its prospectus or other regulatory filings. This classification does not measure how Morningstar rates the effectiveness of the fund’s sustainable strategy. Instead, it reflects the fund’s stated objectives.

Fund Name
Morningstar Category
Sustainability Rating
Low Carbon Designation
Representative Cost
Morningstar Rating for Funds
AmMalaysia Eq Equity - Malaysia Large-cap 1.80
Affin Hwang Select Asia ex Jpn Opp Fd Equity - Asia Pacific ex-Japan 1.61
Public Asia Ittikal Fund Equity - Asia Pacific No 1.70
Affin Hwang Select Div Fd Equity - Malaysia Income 1.64
Affin Hwang Select Opportunity Fd Equity - Malaysia Large-cap 1.58
Public Regional Sector Fund Equity - Asia Pacific ex-Japan Yes 1.69
Maybank Malaysia Dividend Equity - Malaysia Income 1.67
AmDividend Income Equity - Malaysia Income 1.68
PB Islamic Asia Strategic Sector Fund Equity - Asia Pacific ex-Japan (Sharia) 1.85
Eastspring Inv Dinasti Equity Equity - Greater China No 1.89
Public Islamic Asia Leaders Equity Fund Equity - Asia Pacific ex-Japan (Sharia) No 1.71
Principal Asia Pacific Dynamic Inc Fd Equity - Asia Pacific ex-Japan No 1.86
AmFunds Glb Div Equity - Global 0.43
AmFunds Glb Div Equity - Global 0.43
Maybank Malaysia Value Fd Equity - Malaysia Large-cap 1.54
Public China Select Fund Equity - Greater China No 1.61
Public China Ittikal Fund Equity - Greater China 1.73
Pacific Focus China Fund Equity - Greater China No 1.96
Public Dividend Select Fund Equity - Malaysia Income No 1.56
RHB European Select Fund Equity - Country Focus Yes 0.43

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