Morningstar’s Inaugural Individual Investor Seminar in Hong Kong: Bullish on Success

Morningstar’s first-ever seminar for individual investors in Asia drew more than 120 enthusiastic participants to Hong Kong’s Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay.

Nelly Poon 02.10.2013
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Morningstar’s first-ever seminar for individual investors in Asia drew more than 120 enthusiastic participants to Hong Kong’s Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay. Sponsored by Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, the September 28, 2013 event devoted special attention to the benefits, risks, and tradeoffs of active versus passive investing.

The roster of speakers included Paul Pong, director member, Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong (IFPHK); Anson Chow, Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management; YT Kum, Morningstar investment consultant, and Jackie Choy, Morningstar ETF strategist.

In his welcome speech, Morningstar Asia CEO Nick Cheung (photo 1) called attention to the remarkable growth of Hong Kong’s mutual fund and ETF markets in recent years. Cheung noted that, as this trend continues, Morningstar’s research team will remain committed to broadening and strengthening the range and scope of its globally respected fund coverage to meet the growing appetite Asia’s individual investors have for reliable, transparent, and objective investment information. 

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In his presentation, “Actively Passive and Actively Active,” Morningstar investment consultant YT Kum (photo 2) reminded investors that, regardless of their preferred strategy, investors should always focus on the triumvirate of risk, fee, and return. Kum’s presentation compared the benefits and tradeoffs of these three pillars of investing in active mutual funds and passive ETFs, and introduced the principle of adopting both strategies at the same time.

Morningstar ETF strategist Jackie Choy (photo 4, on the right) revealed the ten most important questions pertaining to Chinese equity ETFs that are often received by Morningstar ETF Research team, including, “What should be my thought process when deciding amongst Chinese equity ETFs?”  Choy told participants that, in his view, every investor should be able to answer all 10 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Chinese Equities ETFsbefore putting their capital at risk.

Anson Chow (photo 3) of Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management discussed, “New Investing Milestone: Global Markets ETFs.”  In his wide-ranging and in-depth discussion, Chow outlined global ETF market growth, the asset class distribution in the Asia ETF market, and the simple steps for choosing ETFs.

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IFPHK’s Paul Pong (photo 4, on the left) revealed his, “Tips to Accumulate Wealth.” An experienced fund manager himself, Paul expanded on the factors that make fund managers succeed or fail.  He also explained how, and when, investors could use different tools to accumulate wealth.

The closing finale was a panel discussion, “Hong Kong Investors:  Is Active or Passive Better?” The four speakers discussed which investment strategy is more suitable for Hong Kong investors, and how to most effectively leverage both approaches. The seminar ended with the speakers sharing their general investment wisdom.


Morningstar would like to thank all participants for the support. We encourage you to visit our website, regularly, and invite you to stay tuned for future events.

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