Our Future ETF Market (Part 2)

YT Kum, CFA 15.04.2011
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Our Future

Hong Kong investors never ask for more simply because they have no idea about what they can ask for. For commodities buffs, US investors are able to gain silver and platinum exposure with ETFs (e.g. Global X Silver Miners ETF and First Trust ISE Global Platinum Index). Hong Kong investors may have no idea about that, and thus think SPGD Gold Trust (2840.HK) and Value Gold ETF (3081.HK) are all they can have. Then, what can we have? 

Short ETF (or Inverse ETF/Bear ETF) is gaining popularity recently in the western world. Short ETF allows investors to bet against the market and this is particularly appealing to short-term investors, especially after the 2008’s downdraft. According to finance textbooks, this sort of ETFs can be used as hedging and thus it is quite useful for tactical asset allocation. However, for unsophisticated investors, it is anticipated that this sort of ETFs will be probably used as a short-term trading vehicle.     

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