In Hindsight, Here's What Retirees Wish They'd Known

From the financial crisis to decisions about where to live and everything in between, retired readers share their regrets.

Adam Zoll 20.10.2014
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Of all our many financial goals, none takes up more of our time and money than planning for retirement. Many of us spend years, if not decades, thinking about our retirement wishes -- how much we'll need to have saved up, what we'll do, where we'll live, and other factors that will determine how we spend our senior years.

We asked retired readers on our Investing During Retirement discussion board what they wish they'd known when they first retired. Some of the responses were eye-opening--for example, a few readers said they were surprised to find that some friends and relatives were resentful of their ability to retire--while others were more expected--such as those who cited the financial crisis and other macro-level events that had affected their finances.

Investing Regrets, They've Had a Few
Investing for retirement wishes (hopefully) means positioning one's portfolio for success regardless of market conditions. But even well-prepared retirees could not have anticipated the timing and extent of the financial crisis that came to a head in late 2008. Not surprisingly, several commenters mentioned this as something they wish they could have known about ahead of time. 

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